SEO Reporting

SEO Reporting

SEO Report

SEO Reports are invaluable in terms of understanding why your website is working as it is, what people are searching for and how the competition are getting ahead of you in the search results.

We produce a variety of reports to provide information on how your website is performing, what people are searching for in the internet and looking at how your competitors get their ranking.

All reports are researched and compiled to your specific requirements. Due to this, there is no fixed price as the amount of time is dependent on the size of your website, the market you are in and the competition that you’re up against.

SEO Website Analysis Report

An in-depth investigation into your existing website to determine SEO problems and solutions.

This report is essential for establishing what is wrong with your website and what needs to be done to improve it. The report covers everything that can contribute to your SEO score and search engine ranking.  It also serves as a great ‘point in time’ review by which to compare future performance against.


  • Identifies SEO problems with your existing website
  • Provides a checklist of actions to improve the SEO of the website
  • Provides a point in time report against which to measure future improvement
SEO Reverse Analysis Report

An in-depth investigation into what people are looking for when searching the internet.

This SEO report provides a fascinating insight into what people are searching for on the internet and helps you understand your visitor in much greater detail. This enables your website to target its content accordingly to ensure the very best match for what people are searching for. These reports are enlightening, interesting and incredibly valuable to help ensure that you’ll get found.


  • Identifies what people are searching for on the internet
  • Helps match content to what people are searching for to ensure optimum results
  • Fascinating, enlightening, interesting and very valuable information
SEO Visitor Analysis Report

An in-depth investigation into your visitor activity and website usability performance.

This report looks at all aspects of visitor activity by analysing as much information as possible on visitor habits, keyword usage, traffic entry points, exit points, bounce rates as well as usability aspects, website accessibility and much more. It also looks at platform functionality to ensure that there are no broken links or errors which may put off, or even prevent people from doing business with you.


  • Provides an insight into how visitors are using your website
  • Can help to identify issues or problems which might be putting people off
  • Can help improve the website for visitor user experience and even legality
SEO Competitor Analysis Report

An in-depth investigation into why your competitors websites are ahead of you in search results.

This report is invaluable when your competitors have the edge by appearing higher in the search engine results than your own website. We analyse the competitor websites in comparison to yours against the primary search keywords and phrases and identify why they’re getting results and more important provide an action list of things that need to be done to get your website ahead of them in the search results.


  • Identifies why your competitors are ahead of you in search engine results
  • Provides an action list of things that can be done to improve your own ranking
  • Provides a point in time report against which to measure future improvement
SEO Interim Review Report

An updated review to coincide with previous SEO reports to monitor progress.

These reports help keep on top of how well the website is performing and what needs to be done to keep your website at the top of the search results. The report is carried out periodically, which could be every month, every quarter or half year dependent on your needs and how competitive your market is. Each report is bespoke and tailored for the specific requirements of your business, the amount of work involved and the time period between review.


  • Ideal for performance monitoring of your website
  • Helps keep on top of the competition
  • Identifies improves to retain high search engine ranking

Please bear in mind that all reports are a fact finding exercise which produce a very informative and valuable report from which actions can be taken to improve the ranking of your website on search engines. The recommended work still needs to be carried out, which can be done by yourself, your own website development company or of course ourselves as you wish.

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