Writing for the web

Writing for the web – online copywriting or content writing

Writing content with search engines in mind is very much a key part of SEO and a crucial aspect of getting high rankings for your web site and getting your web site onto the first page of Google.

Every sentence, paragraph and page must be tailored so that search engines will see keywords and phrases in a highest enough density to believe that you are the best result for the search and better than the competition – the more relevant you are, the higher your ranking.

We get to know your business and understand what needs to be says to make your copy compelling, interesting, informative and more importantly convincing the potential customer that they should do business with you.

What you can expect from our copywriting services:

  • To develop an understanding of your business
  • Identification of keywords and phrases for your business
  • Write copy that is specific to your line of business
  • Write copy that is tailored to maximising search engine results
  • Write copy that is compelling to your potential customers
  • Position you higher than your competitors
  • Get you on page one of Google

We are proud of our enviable track record in delivering results.

Give us a call on 01903 331311 and we can have an informal chat about your SEO and copywriting requirements.